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CARMEN - Lettre d’informations 2 (avril)

- 1. ESF Exploratory workshop call

Dear colleagues,

Please note the deadline of 26 May for this year’s applications for "Exploratory Workshops" from the European Science Foundation. In the past, some of our projects have been successful in this - particularly the "Manuscripts and the Semantic Web" project. It is an opportunity to get ample funding (about 15000 euro) to bring together 15-30 academics together. Ideally, you can use this as a launch-pad for a bigger project bid later. So such "exploratory workshops" are intended as an opportunity to invite scholars from different countries, different disciplines (including those outside the humanities), representatives from "industry" and the "public sector" (e.g. libraries, museums). The key is to find an attractive topic which the ESF thinks has the possibility to grow into something more ambitious and resonant with major funding bodies. You will also need a good balance of countries, a gender-balance and good opportunities for early-career researchers ; there is some opportunity to invite about 10% of your participants from outside Europe. But you would have to start preparing the bid soon - the paperwork is straightforward and not long, only 10 pages, but you will need CVs from key partners and commitments from prospective participants, so you need to leave a fortnight at the end for the bureaucratic, non-intellectual, work.

I hope this helps. If you want any informal advice or help, please contact Simon Forde. We put in a CARMEN application this time last year, which was unsuccessful (it was probably too "blue sky" and large-scale for their tastes), so maybe my advice will kill your project stone-dead !


Dear Colleagues,

The European Science Foundation (ESF) has recently published the 2011 call for EXPLORATORY WORKSHOPS. These interactive events aim to explore fields with a potential impact on developments in science.
Interdisciplinary topics are encouraged.

Summary of the application criteria :

Duration : 1-3 days
Number of participants : 15-30 people (incl. speakers and conveners) from at least 4 ESF member countries
Funding : eur 15,000
Eligible costs : workshop activities and travel, accommodation and subsistence for participants
Application deadline : 16.00 CET, 26 May 2011
Evaluation criteria : The main criterion for the assessment of proposals is the potential to create breakthroughs and form the basis for new areas of research and/or innovative applications, or the changing of paradigms.

Further details of the call here
ESF member organization countries
2010 workshops supported by ESF

If you have questions concerning the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact me here.

With best wishes,

Vanda Mohacsi
European Grants and Projects Officer
Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office

- 2. Two positions (doc, postdoc) Project RELMIN, Nantes (see
attachment) - URGENT DEADLINE

- 3. Summer school for study manuscripts, Croatia (bursaries available)

Ul. F. Tuđmana 24 i
23000 Zadar

DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCES Ph.D. PROGRAMME Knowledge Society and Information Transfer Director of the Ph.D. Programme Professor Tatjana Aparac Jelušic, Ph.D. taparac unizd.hr

Announces : Summer School in the Study of historical manuscripts Zadar, Croatia, 26-30 September 2011
Director of the Summer School : Associate Professor Mirna Willer, Ph.D.
Secretary : Marijana Tomic, Research Assistant.

The Summer School in the Study of Historical Manuscripts is, in its concept and organization, the continuation of and complementary to the Summer School in the Study of Old Books that was held in Zadar in 2009. The main organizer of this School is Department of Library and Information Science of the University of Zadar, while the co-organizers are University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, History Department, Croatia, and Karl-Franzens-University of Graz, Vestigia - Manuscript Research Centre, Austria.

The main goal of the Summer School is to acquaint participants with the most recent developments and newly emerged concepts in the fields
of : historical method and epistemology, research in historical manuscripts ; bibliographic information organization and its relation to the archival context ; conservation and preservation ; and to provide practical introduction to historical collection management with contemporary approaches to digitization. The Summer School also aims to provide participants with insight into current research of Croatian, but also of other historical manuscripts in the region, and to raise their awareness of rich and technologically advanced research information sources, e.g., the CERL Portal for cross-searching catalogues of European manuscripts and early printed materials.

The Summer School in the Study of Historical Manuscripts targets Croatian and international PhD students studying the fields of history of book and historical manuscripts, library and information sciences, archival studies, preservation and conservation studies, and cultural heritage studies. The form of the Summer School will allow students to actively participate in discussions after the lectures, choose a topic of interest among lectures presented during morning sessions, and elaborate it with the lecturer within afternoon Group Work sessions, which will run in parallel. Putting together the curriculum of their own interest, the students will thus additionally have the opportunity to prepare material for their essay. The essay will be marked by the professor in the chosen field. Students will receive 4 ECTS for attendance, and extra 4 ECTS for submitting the essay.

A PhD Forum open to PhD level students will be organized as part of the Summer School. All doctoral level students will be welcome to submit research proposals, and will be selected on the basis of the quality of the proposal and the potential to benefit of the participation at the forum.

The Summer School in the Study of Historical Manuscripts is funded by Croatian Science Foundation.

Registration fee : doctoral students 100 EURO, others 200 EURO.

Scholarship funding is available for doctoral students wishing to attend the school. Please consult the application form for further information. A call for scholarship is open from 15th of April to 30th of May 2011.

The closing date for application : 15th of July 2011