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Lettre ouverte au commissaire européen (suite)

Dear colleagues,

We are writing to thank you for signing the Open Letter to the European Commissioner for Research and Innovation.

In a ½ day meeting we had with Maire Geoghegan-Quinn on 10 November she acknowledged the mobilisation of the SSH community across Europe and beyond and gave some reassurances about the reintegration of SSH-research into the next Framework Programme “Horizon 2020” (Link to the Commissioner’s speech) .

We must bear in mind, however, that in the past the SSH-related Framework Programme component has been, time and again, in danger of being eliminated at the end of negotiations between national governments, the European Parliament and the Commission, and also the size of the budget accessible for SSH-researchers is far from being secured.
This is why we shall keep the signature function open so that you can further circulate it to colleagues in the relevant fields through the appropriate channels and invite them to also sign up. For your easier reference, we have copied an updated version of the message in which you can invite them to sign.

We shall do a first analysis of the signatures received by 20 November, publicise the results that far through a press release, and inform MEP’s as well as national governments and parliamentarians of the result. We shall keep you, of course, informed.

With our best wishes

On behalf of the inter-agency group for SSH in Europe

ALLEA (All European Academies)
ESF (European Science Foundation) - SCH/SCSS
ECHIC (European Consortium of Humanities Institutes and Centres)
with endorsements from the SSH ERA-Nets and others