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Postdoc-Position in Pre-modern Islamic thought - Institut supérieur de philosophie – UCLouvain

, par Mathieu Eychenne

Postdoc position (24 months) for the project : “Avicenna East & West I : Commentaries on the Qaṣīdat al-nafs” (FRS-FNRS ; UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)

Project Description

The aim of this project on the commentaries on the Qasidat al-nafs attributed to Avicenna is twofold : (1) to provide a better understanding of how Avicenna’s theory on the soul was received, interpreted and transformed in this tradition of commentaries ; and (2) to document the attitude towards Avicenna’s legacy, and falsafa in general, in Islamic society

Sub-projects :
(1) Edition and analysis of the commentaries by Baḥrānī (d. 672/1274) ; ‘Afīf al-Dīn Tilimsanī (d. 690/1291) ; Qayṣarī (d. 751/1350)
(2) Comparative analysis of the commentaries by Dāʼūd al-Anṭākī (d. 1599) and ʻAbd al-Raʼūf al-Munāwī (d. 1621)
(3) General analysis of the commentary tradition on the Qaṣīdat al-nafs

The postdoc researcher will be responsible for sub-project 2 (commentaries by Anṭākī and Munāwī) and participate in the other sub-projects. The successful applicant is also expected to participate in the intellectual life of the Institut supérieur de philosophie and to spend part of her/his time to pursue her/his own intellectual interests and to work creatively to produce new exciting research.