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Scholarships for the International Itinerant Paleographic School

Scholarships are available for the International Itinerant Paleographic School to be held in Rome and Venice (9-14 June, 2019) and Naples & Florence (24-28 June)


PSL (Paris Sciences et Lettres - Research University Paris), the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, the Ecole Française of Rome, the CéSor (Centre d’études en sciences sociales du religieux) and the Istituto Ellenico of Venice fund the third edition of the IIPS-International Itinerant Paleographic School. The action (which is supported by the Collège de France, the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, the university of Cassino, the university of Florence, the university of Naples Federico II, the university of Caserta, the University of Rome Sapienza and the Parco Archeologico of Herculaneum) will consist in a five and six-days training session.

Trainees will be divided into two groups :
Group 1 : Rome/Venice – June 9th to 14th 2019
Group 2 : Naples/Florence – June 24th to 28th 2019

The program, open to a maximum of thirty fellows and six selected auditors, will focus on ancient and medieval books, documents and inscriptions, and will consist of seminars, conferences and guided visits of libraries (Casanatense and Corsiniana of Rome, Vittorio Emanuele III of Naples, Medicea Laurenziana of Florence, Marciana of Venice), research institutes (Istituto papirologico “G. Vitelli” of Florence, Centro Internazionale per lo Studio dei Papiri Ercolanesi “Marcello Gigante” of Naples, Istituto Centrale per il Restauro e la Conservazione del Patrimonio Archivistico e Librario of Rome), a museum (Museo Nazionale Romano - Sede del Museo della Comunicazione scritta dei Romani) the archeological site of Herculaneum and the Villa Campolieto. The IIPS will be a transdisciplinary and comparative action focused on written materials produced in the Mediterranean area from Antiquity to Middle Ages (Greek, Latin, Arabic and Coptic papyri, ostraca, rolls, codices and inscriptions). It aims at offering (a) a unique and international training opportunity, thanks to the collaboration of researchers gathered from many universities and research institutes from different countries ; (b) an exclusive and direct access to original documents and research materials and (c) a chance to share experiences with experts in all the fields related to the study, preservation, restoration and valorization of written heritage.

Special emphasis will be given to archiving and cataloguing techniques used in different areas and periods, to the creation and developing of collections and to the general dynamics of loss and preservation of written heritage.

The full program and application information can be found at https://www.academia.edu/38738819/INTERNATIONAL_ITINERANT_PALEOGRAPHIC_SCHOOL_CALL_FOR_APPLICATIONS_-SCHOLARSHIPS_-_THE_PROJECT


Daniele Bianconi, Lucio Del Corso, Gianluca Del Mastro, Paolo Fioretti, Jean-Luc Fournet, Francesca Maltomini, Federica Nicolardi, Rosario Pintaudi, Filippo Ronconi, Valentina Sagaria Rossi, Marc Smith, Houari Touati

* The definitive program and teaching team will be communicated to the fellows later on.


A call for application is launched for 30 fellowships maximum, which will be awarded to master and doctoral students and will give the right to participate in only one of the two sessions (see below).

Each scholarship includes


1) a grant of - 300 euros (for fellows residing in Italy)

- 700 euros (for fellows residing in the European Union + UK + Turkey)

- 1000 euros (for fellows residing in other countries)

2) accommodation in Naples

3) participation to the activities of the program (conferences, seminars, visits)

4) transportations from Naples to Herculaneum and from Naples to Florence

4) excursions to the archeological sites

This will help fellows, who will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from Italy, for meals (during the whole period) and accommodation in Florence


1) a grant of - 180 euros (for fellows residing in Italy)

- 580 euros (for fellows residing in the European Union + UK + Turkey)

- 880 euros (for fellows residing in other countries)

2) accommodation in Rome and Venice

3) participation to the activities of the program (conferences, seminars, visits)

4) transportations from Rome to Venice

4) excursions

This will help fellows, who will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from Italy and for meals (during the whole period)

Fellows will be required

a) to participate in all the activities of the group for which they are selected

b) to present their own (master or PhD) research in a workshop that will take place at the beginning of each period (10 minutes each with ppt presentation to be prepared)

c) to participate in the research activities proposed in the framework of IIPS

Fellows are expected to honor these commitments for the whole period assigned, under penalty of a reduction in the grant paid. Any overpayment resulting from absence or premature termination must be refunded.

Fellows are responsible for obtaining their own passport and visas. Visa applications should be made well in advance of departure as visa processing often takes several weeks. If difficulties arise regarding the issue of the fellow’s visas(s), a mail should be immediately sent to the following address : iips ehess.fr.

At the end of each session, certificates of participation will be handed out to the participants.

Participation in IIPS 2019 is also open to six auditors, selected from post-docs, librarians, archivists and professionals working in a sector related to the activities of IIPS, who will have submitted an application (see below). These auditors will be able to participate in all IIPS initiatives, but no grant will be awarded to them. A certificate of participation will be handed out to them.


Those eligible :

a) students enrolled in a master program

b) doctoral students

c) students enrolled in master or doctoral programs in 2019/2020 (letter from the supervisor required)

Candidates must understand English and French


Before Avril 26th 2019, an email must be sent to the address to iips ehess.fr by the applicants, stating their intention to apply for IIPS 2019 for a fellowship or as selected auditors (see below). Please note in the subject line :

« IIPS 2019 fellowship » or « IIPS 2019 Auditor »

The following must be attached to the email, in PDF format :

1) the inscription form duly filled (see below)

2) a motivation letter (containing the statement « I hereby undertake to participate in all activities of IIPS 2019 »)

3) a curriculum vitae et studiorum indicating the fields of interest

4) a letter of recommendation by the student’s director of studies [NOT NECESSARY FOR THE FREE AUDITORS]

The candidates may express a preference for one of the two sessions but must make themselves available for both of them : the final decision will be made by the scientific board of the program. The results of the selection will be communicated by mail.

Source : Filippo Ronconi